Augur is a message aggregator and manager. It currently functions as an offline reader for Cix, other services will be implemented in future versions.


Augur takes messages from any source and stores them in a database. This database is then accessible by multiple users through a Swing based GUI, a web based front end or a telnet connection.

This means you get your messages collected in one place but can view them from anywhere.

Augur is now able to be used as a functional OLR for Cix; the Swing UI is working, and a prototype Web UI is implemented to support read only access.


In Development. There is an active development conference on Cix for testing. If you would like to use Augur, please join the cix:augur conference for details.

Version & Requirements

Version: Alpha
Requires Java 1.4 - download from (click the "Get It Now" button)


Will be Apache License 2.0


Augur is delivered via Java WebStart. Read the Augur installation information.