BloglinesMenu is a Mac OS X menu bar status item designed to show how many unread articles there are to read in your Bloglines subscriptions.


A simple Mac OS X notifier for Bloglines. This was written as an alternative to the existing Mac OS X notifier (available for download from Bloglines); this version lives in the menu bar, rather than taking up space in the dock.



Download - download, unzip and copy to your Applications folder (or wherever you choose to store applications). - source code

Version & Requirements

Version 1.6
Now Universal

Version 1.5
Added : preference to add to login items

Version 1.4 (unreleased)
Updated Growl support and reworked getting status using SmallSockets to reduce memory and threads

Version 1.3
Added : Snooze field and Snooze option
Added : AutoSnooze field.
Added : Nixon mode (Display 0 when snoozing)
Fixed : timeout issues when slept

Version 1.1
Added : Growl notification support
Added : Beep notification support
Added : Italian internationalisation


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