Detach is a utility that allows you to find, copy and optionally delete attachments in IMAP and POP mailboxes.


I was faced with, for various reasons, mailboxes on my Imap server with many messages with attachments which, given the quantity of messages would have been hard work to manually take out.

So I wrote Detach. Detach can read IMAP or POP mailboxes, find all attachments and copy the files into a specified directory. It can also optionally skip duplicate filenames and, for messages with attachments automatically delete those messages for you.


Not currently being developed.

Version and Requirements

The current version of Detach is 0.16, the first public release.

Detach requires JDK 1.4 or JRE 1.4.


Apache License 2.0 (not applied to the source code yet)


Detach.jar - download and double-click to run. - the source code. - if you have not installed JavaMail and the Java Activation Framework, download this. Take the jar files contained in the zip and copy them to the jre/lib/ext directory on your installed Java Runtime.