Archived Projects:

The following entries are long abandoned and archived bits of code and this is my attic. I hate it when projects vanish and leave no trace at all, so these are here to act as mementos of code previously written and obsoleted by time, attention and the internet. Most are pre-GitHub or ended up on GitHub when Google (The oo is for oh oh they've closed that service) pulled the plug on Google Code.


Back in the days when bandwidth was served by modems and offline readers were practically deriguer, I sat down and made Augur. I'd been working at CIX and Augur was going to fix conferencing. Well, times have passed and while AugurX (the second run at the problem) was released with a Swing GUI and a prototype web interface, it was a bit of a dead end. Still, it got adopted by some folks who loved Cix and this entry is here to more memorialise that.

You can find the Java source for AugurX on Github.

The old Java Webstart site ceased to exist some time ago, but then Cix changed too, so Augur was unlikely to work.

And if you are wondering what to do for an alternative client and service, check out Spectrum.chat.


A simple Mac OS X notifier for Bloglines. This was written as an alternative to the existing Mac OS X notifier at the time; this version lived in the menu bar, rather than taking up space in the dock.

Of course, things change - Bloglines is long dead and so all that is left is this snippet of source and binary for anyone wanting to put a number in the menu bar

  • BloglinesMenu16.zip - download, unzip and copy to your Applications folder (or wherever you choose to store applications). Unsigned - we didn't have signing back then.
  • BloglinesMenu16src.zip - source code
  • There was also a project to do a portable version - blnotifier - in Java. No source and pretty much no point now.


I was faced with, for various reasons, mailboxes on my Imap server with many messages with attachments which, given the quantity of messages would have been hard work to manually take out.

So I wrote Detach. Detach can read IMAP or POP mailboxes, find all attachments and copy the files into a specified directory. It can also optionally skip duplicate filenames and, for messages with attachments automatically delete those messages for you.

Long since abandoned, Detach is memorialised here as an example of the hassle decoding mail in Java was, even with a framework.

Version and Requirements

The current version of Detach is 0.16, the first public release.

Detach requires JDK 1.4 or JRE 1.4.

  • Detach.jar - download and double-click to run.
  • DetachSrc.zip - the source code.
  • JavaMailAndJAF.zip - if you have not installed JavaMail and the Java Activation Framework, download this. Take the jar files contained in the zip and copy them to the jre/lib/ext directory on your installed Java Runtime.